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StableKool Equestrian Cooling Solutions.
“Supplier of equine evaporative misting systems (Greenwich Park) to the London 2012 Games”

Heat stress is as dangerous to horses as it is to humans. Until now, horse owners have struggled with ways to keep their horses cool, comfortable and healthy during the hot summer months.

StableKool, Koolfog's new line of equestrian cooling products, utilizes the power of evaporative cooling to reduce temperatures in barns, stables and corrals. StableKool solutions range from systems tailored to individual stalls to systems designed to accommodate large commercial equestrian facilities.

As demonstrated so sucessfully in our Greenwich Park installation for the London 2012 Olympic Games

StableKool Example

Seen here: horses without Stablekool (to the front of the photo) are all inside their stables trying to keep cool in the shade where as the horses with Stablekool (to the rear of the photo) all have their heads out of their stables keeping cool in the mist of our system.

Showing the effectiveness of our system - straight from the horses mouth!

Please visit our Gallery to see StableKool and the other Koolfog applications in action!
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