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Domestic cooling

Patio misting



Surrounding air is cooled in just seconds without producing residual moisture.

Evaporative cooling is extremely efficient. Air temperatures can be cooled up to 30F (17 C) and can be controlled using digital thermostats and optional controls. Koolfog Outdoor Cooling Systems are used worldwide in amusement parks, hotels, restaurants, parks, golf courses and schools. Some of the many outdoor cooling applications include:

Restaurants; Shopping centres; Car washes; Pavilions; Day Care Facilities; Warehouses; Theme parks; Schools, and Community areas.

Hospitality & Leisure
Hotels & resorts;   Spas;   Golf courses;   Community parks;   Schools

Patios;   Outdoor rooms;   Trellis & Awnings;   Swimming pools;   Landscapes

Outdoor Events
Promotional booths;   Tents;   Concession stands;   Ticket lines

Please visit our Gallery to see Koolfog in action!

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