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Tunnel Fire Effect

Volcano Effect

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A fine mist or fog creates a variety of effects from the subtle to the dramatic.

Creators, designers & developers enhance the visual and tactile elements of their environments by adding a wide range of cooling and fog effects using Koolfog systems. Koolfog solutions have been used to highlight architectural elements such as fountains, ponds or pools, and enhance the outdoor landscape with fog, mist and simulated steam. Koolfog creates themed or experience-based environments using fog or mist to mimic smoke, dense fog, steam or precipitation.

Some of the many Fog Effects applications:

Themed Entertainment
Theme parks;   Water parks;   Themed restaurants;   Resorts & Casinos;   Family fun centers;   Zoos & Aquariums;   Museums;   Exhibits & Displays

Architecture & Landscape
Fountains and Pools;   Building atriums;   Aviaries;   Botanical gardens;   Landscapes

Movie & Theater
Movie sets;   Theatre stages;   Fog projection screens;   Explosions;   Dry ice effects

Please visit our Gallery to see Koolfog in action!

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