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Our cooling, humidifying and effects technology affects People, Plants and Animals, Landscapes and Environments, Products and Processes

Koolfog systems are found in Residential & Commercial settings, Resorts & Spas, Neighbourhood & City parks, Manufacturing environments, Storage facilities, Animal & Livestock environments, Equestrian Stables, Greenhouses, Theme parks, Water parks, Zoos, Exhibits and more.

Koolfog photo gallery
Residential: New Construction Water Features & FogscapesTM Restaurants
Hotels, Resorts & Spas Children &
Restaurant Cooling
Hotels & Spas School and playgrounds
Theme Parks Fog F/X StableKool
Animal welfare
Theme Parks Special Effects Equestrain Cooling Animal Welfare

Kooltv - video clips of our Koolfog products in action
Koolfog Overview: click here to see video clip Evaporative Cooling: click here to see video clip Integrated Installations: click here to see video clip Empowering Our Partners: click here to see video clip
The benefits of Koolfog
Evaporative Cooling Integrated Installations
Designed for a polished, elegant look
Empowering Our Partners
Koolfog helps builders, designers and home owners achieve their goals
Cooling Your Outdoor Living Areas: click here to see video clip Outdoor Air Conditioning: click here to see video clip Creative Landscaping: click here to see video clip Custom Landscape Designs: click here to see video clip
Cooling Your Outdoor Living Areas
Creating a pleasant backyard environment
Outdoor Air Conditioning
To expand your living areas
Creative Landscaping
Having fun and increasing your home's value
Custom Landscape Designs
Koolfog's cooling experts help professionals and home owners
Superior Designs: click here to see video clip Reducing Heat Stress: click here to see video clip Total Service: click here to see video clip  
Superior Designs
Custom solution for a top-tier equestrian facility
Reducing Heat Stress
Improving the comfort and performance of horses
Total Service
Koolfog's designers are there from initial concept to completion of new stables
KoolFog 2019 in association with Back Stage Technologies
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