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Misting Tower

Misting Pole

Playground Misting Pole

Cooling Modules

We bring the cool to you.
Koolfog delivers cooling modules that are designed to provide comfort when outdoor rooms or patio coverings are not available, or standard misting lines are not practical. All Koolfog Cooling Modules can be operated from a single high-pressure pump unit based on system size.

Misting Palms™
Koolfog offers incredibly authentic replica plants and trees with integrated misting to offer one of the most unique mist delivery systems in the market. Our Misting PalmsT can be placed around landscapes, decking, outdoor dining areas and indoor settings to provide an aesthetic alternative to standard misting lines. Misting PalmsT come in a variety of sizes and tree varieties and are equipped with 4 - 12 nozzles each based on type and size.

Misting Poles and Misting Towers
Koolfog Misting Poles and Misting Towers are used in and around landscapes, decking and outdoor dining. Our Misting Poles & Misting Towers are designed with an elegant yet modern style to complement most garden or restaurant decor. Koolfog Misting Poles and Misting Towers come in standard 7' heights but can also be specially ordered in a variety of heights. Koolfog Misting Poles are equipped with four misting nozzles each. Misting Towers are equipped with eight misting nozzles each.

Playground Misting Poles
Koolfog Playground Misting Poles are a fun alternative for outdoor cooling and are perfect for children. Playground Misting Poles are used in playgrounds, parks, grass play areas, around pools and more. Our Playground Misting Poles are designed in a variety of vibrant colours and sizes and are equipped with six misting nozzles each.

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