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Fog Equipment

Variable Frequency Drives


Filtration and Water Treatment
“Filtration” is the function of intercepting particulate matter and “water treatment” changes the chemistry of the water. Both processes are initiated to protect the Koolfog nozzle orifice from blockage and the impeller chamber form mineral build up. Our filtration and water treatment solutions are custom tailored to fit your water quality needs and come as standard on many of our fog pump modules

Control Equipment
Our control equipment will control the fog system in relation to a sequential event or an environmental condition, such as a cue from a show controller, a rise in temperature or a drop in humidity.
Koolfog designs and assembles AC & DC voltage control systems that interface with environmental control systems, ride and show theme park ride systems, BMS systems, optical, proximity, thermostatic sensors and others. The control options are only limited by the imagination. Common control devices include timers, multistage thermostats, radio remote control systems, computer interfacing, micro relays, weather stations and chemical injectors.

Variable Frequency Drives
Koolfog Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) control the speed of the motor to increase or decrease the volume of water produced by the pump while sustaining the same high pressure.
The VFD allows the pump module to respond to various flow rates while supplying the system with the designed operating pressure. As the various water circuits are activated or deactivated the pump will automatically ramp up and down using only the energy needed to supply the demand. This flexibility also allows for projected future expansion of a system without the need to add additional pumps and show considerable energy savings.

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