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Koolfog Atomization Line

Koolfog systems are designed to pump water at up to 2,000 psi (138 bar) through stainless steel atomization line. Nozzles are threaded into the line via stainless steel risers that are welded to the tubing. Benefits from using Stainless Steel Atomization Line include:

  • Durable & reliable;   30 Year Warranty;   No Thread Stripping;  Stands up to the harshest environments

Koolfog Misting Nozzles

Koolfog nozzles are designed to produce consistent 3 to 10 µm size water droplets and are perfect for cooling and humidification applications. Koolfog nozzles operate by shattering water in an impeller chamber as it is forced out a .008 orifice. Koolfog nozzles are fabricated in brass with a stainless steel impeller chamber or in solid 316 stainless steel for aesthetics and durability. Each nozzle is mated to an anti-drip valve - or check valve - that snaps each nozzle off @ 65psi. This feature reduces nozzle maintenance and will defeat the drip that can occur when the system is shut off or staged.

Koolfog Fog Nozzles

Koolfog fog nozzles are specifically designed to produce fog effects. There are three fog nozzle options available in the Koolfog product line - the J pin Fog Nozzle, the Ground Fog Nozzle and the Bridge Fog Nozzle. Koolfog fog nozzles typically operate under 1500psi and produce 3 to 10µm size water droplets designed to produce stunning visual and tactile effects.
Koolfog's patent pending Bridge Fog Nozzle with bridge alignment frame was developed to provide our clients with unsurpassed durability and reliability. Fog nozzles are particularly sensitive to impingement pin alignment and are prone to accidental damage due to exposed impingement pins (such as the J pin Fog Nozzle & Ground Fog Nozzle). The Bridge Fog Nozzle bridge frame virtually eliminates alignment problems ensuring consistent fog output.

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