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Misting Fan

Fog Ring Fan

Misting Fans

Misting Fans

Koolfog misting fans are engineered for quality, durability and output. We have designed a comprehensive line of fans that can be adapted to almost any environment. Whether portable for outdoor events or permanent for industrial, agricultural or commercial settings, you can be assured that Koolfog has the solution. With Koolfog fans, temperatures drop by as much as 40°F - 60°F (17°C) without producing any residual moisture. Our fans offer superior throw and spread and provide more cooling power compared to most competitors

Portable Cooling Fans

Koolfog portable cooling fans can be used as standalone cooling units or combined with satellite fans to create flexible and portable cooling solutions for your specific location needs. Our portable cooling fans come complete with an appropriately sized pump module and hook up to water and power within minutes.

Wall, Ceiling or Pole Mounted Fans

Koolfog cooling fans also come in wall, ceiling or pole mounted models for more permanent applications and can be controlled by large pump module arrays and control units to maintain particular and consistent environmental temperatures and humidity levels.

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